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“Grandfather” shirt, a timeless item to have in your wardrobe

The grandfather shirt dates back to 19th century Europe, where it originated as work clothing for rural men. Made from sturdy fabrics like flannel or cotton, it was already a universal wardrobe item. With a bib, without collar or swallows, and sometimes decorated with embroidered initials, it represented a symbol of refinement and authenticity.

Today, the shirt still remains a must-have in women's and men's wardrobes. The distinctive appeal of the grandfather shirt has gradually disappeared to give way to simpler and more modern pieces.

But today, the Atelier de Mademoiselle l'Ancien is resurrecting this shirt, making them directly from their boutique-workshop. Made from authentic period fabrics, its originally masculine cut will perfectly suit mixed gender to easily dress all silhouettes.

Fine swallow collar shirt, collarless with oval bib, with gathers or pleats, each piece plays with the emblematic details of the last century. Final ornament, the chosen shirt can be personalized to order with your embroidered initials!

The collection has been available since Sunday May 5 at the Mademoiselle l'Ancien boutique, located at 127rue Haute in Brussels.

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