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Mademoiselle l'Ancien


Mademoiselle L’Ancien, is a journey back in time, an invitation to discover

a delicate world inhabited by old fashioned clothes memories.

Here you can find menswear, womenswear and children clothes

from the 19th Century to the 70s.​


Our collection is a careful selection of pieces, chosen for their high quality and natural materials as well as their elaborated cuts and fine details.

Most clothes have been made with the most exceptional handcraft.

Rare pieces can be admired as well as authentic and unique clothes

at an affordable price that would beautifully match our today’s wardrobe.


If you come to visit us, you’ll get to see our workshop

where we passionately work to give a new life to those exceptional pieces.​

Such is our mission: to offer the possibility to feel, touch and wear the Marvellous.


Those treasures are full of extraordinary stories to tell

and they are waiting for you to come to life again !


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